SMES      Santé  Mentale  et  Exclusion  Sociale

MHSE     Mental Health  and  Social  Exclusion

European  NET-Working  for  HOMELESS & MENTALLY  ILL  PEOPLE

Social Europa
Aiming for inclusive growth
social situation in EU 2014
EU Commission  10/03/2015

The construction of  European Union cannot be achieved
if at same time will be not pursued
Europa of  Citizens : 

  SMES-Europa: is a non-profit International Association 

operates at the interface, intersection of mental health  and  social exclusion for improving mental, physical & social well-being, promoting human right & access to social and health services, to citizenship and participation, to inclusion and solidarity in European Countries for people living in extreme social and health poverty conditions.

     no  DIGNITY  without  rights                             

    no  RIGHTS  without access to rights ,

     no  HEALTH without mental health ,                 

     no  MENTAL HEALTH, without well-being

 TARGET OF SMES-Europa  :  HOME-LESS including  

     mentally ill people without adequate assistance,

     young people at risk of losing viable contact with society,

     elderly people who have been abandoned,

     refugees & migrants without permission of residence's


     to improve physical, mental and social well-being

     to promote respect of Human RIGHT: to facilitate the access to citizenship
       rights, social  & health services.

     to promote active inclusion: participation & solidarity for people living in
       extreme social & health precariousness  in all European  Countries, with a special
       attention for homeless  and  mentally ill  people.


     Information and heightening of awareness for all civic society

     Networking : improving opportunities of working together

     Education and training: permanent &  continuum, promoting exchanges

     Lobbying and advocacy

What about RESPECT
of their RIGHTS ?...



4th Annual Convention of the Platform against Poverty and Social Exclusion

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Dignity  and  Well-being


All persons have the RIGHT to the best available mental health care, which shall be part of the health  and social care system.             
                               NU Resolution 46/119,1.1


  The stigma  and  discrimination, related to the mental disease, are long-lasting.  
                              Year of Equal  Opportunity  2007


Homelessness is an affront to every value that we assign to the concept of CITIZENSHIP.
Homeless, are among the most marginalised in our communities        
                            O’Sullivan IRL Minister 


When the person has lost everything, and also hope on the future, them does not remain other that to survival on the street where he will be: without rights without  HOPE - HOME - HEALT  and JOB and DIGNITY

Poverty and Home-less


2000 : number of people living below the poverty line and in social exclusion in the Union is unacceptable...  Steps must be taken to make a decisive impact on the eradication of poverty by 2010...  Eu Council  Lisbon March 2000


2006 : The TRUE CAUSES of poverty and exclusion are far from being eradicated  in Europe.
                                                         European Council of Lisbon 2006


2010 : Strategy 2020 inspired by its founding principle of solidarity,  promoting social inclusion, in particular through the reduction of poverty, by aiming to lift at least 20 million people out of the risk of poverty and exclusion.
                                                EU Council Brussels, 2010

what are the true causes?