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LISBON  16 – 17 - 18   March  2017




“Overcoming poverty is not a gesture of charity. It is an act of justice. It is the protection of a fundamental human right,  the  right  to  dignity   and a   decent  life. While poverty persists, there is no true freedom.”

(Nelson Mandela - London 3/2/2005)



AFTER 25 YEARS,  Poverty  &  inequalities  increasing  more and more  in European countries:  monetary poverty, material deprivation and low work intensity (http://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/statistics-explained/index.php/Europe_2020_indicators_-_poverty_and_social_exclusion)

(cf.  EUROSTAT*  Statistics Explained)

HOMELESS number increasing  in EU more than 4 million (ex. Study in UK revel that 3,569 people were found sleeping rough on any given night in England in 2015, an increase of 30% per cent on the previous year.

(CRISIS estimation http://www.crisis.org.uk/pages/rough-sleeping.html)   

Average of mentally illness  is between 3-4/10 homeless living in permanent way in the streets are mentally illn

(cf. St Mungo’s report, Stop the Scandal)

Today he dies still in the street alone, abandoned in a curtain home-less and hope-less.

Homeless living in severe and permanent social, physical, psychical precariousness are a symptom of the malaise of our society and a permanent injury of democracy and social cohesion.



SMES-Europa  invite you and your Institution, especially involved in the social and health field to participate in the XIV European SMES Seminar: ‘Dignity & Well-being’,  which will take place in Lisbon on 16-17-18 March 2017. 

TOGETHER  we hope to find more adequate and coherent answer to these people living in extreme poverty conditions and suffering of mental health problems. The number increasing and life conditions are worst, in reason not only of financial, but more of structural society crisis. Faced to this situation, possible will be two kind of positions : the simple resignation to fatalism, or to react in all possible way,  with the unique aim to change for dignify life , but  together!

"When the solution of complex situations concerning homeless people, in permanent way on the streets, shelters, squat and in extreme precariousness and poverty conditions, seems impossible,  HOW  to intervene ? "

How co-working in order to realise efficient synergies resulting by collaboration of different competences and services? This is the frequent questions of professionals working on the front line with people who live in situations of chronic mental illness, principally in the street but also in institutions and emergency reception centres. 

  • What kind of answers & proposals is it still possible to offer respectful of the person and his rights, especially when seems to refuse all institutional help and services? 

  • What kind of innovative interventions continuing to explore, against each kind of fatalism and resignation?

  • What kind dynamics and synergies to raise, in order not continuing multiply interventions of individual competence and specialized services?


To promote and facilitate exchanges and inter-vision concerning the efficient practices of effective prevention, support, assistance and inclusive participation  of homeless people with mental problems. The project would essentially start with descriptions of real life situations and assessment of how effective given interventions were to proceed to point to innovative ways of doing things in order not only to raise awareness and to educate but also to present concrete proposals for incorporation into the policies in the field of prevention, assistance and inclusion.


WHO & HOW  we can  heard – understand - answer ? The workshops and European conference  will be for all an opportunity

  • to meet:  listen & understand deepest, the voice of people who is  voice-less because also  : identity-less,  home-less, health-less,  hope-less…, means excluded.

  • to evaluate the causes & factors of this deprivation and to explain why  some homeless seems to prefer life in the street or in shelters, despite adequate proposal of help and institutional services

  • to identify some innovative practices and coherent projects ;

  • to recommend some priorities & strategies in social & health policy.


SMES-Europa  invite you and your Institution, especially involved in the social and health field, to participate following  the two questions you & your team, are invited to participate  sending to: smeseu@smes-europa.org  -  before 08/12  -  abstract of your keynote or intervention, abstract of poster and video, which will be introduce in XIV European Conference:

1.   HOW YOUR SERVICE, co-working with other three sectors and services, contribute to promotion of health, dignity and well-being? What kind of difficulties, what kind of solutions you will find ? 

a.    SOCIAL ASSISTANCE  Services for CARE  of primarily and basic needs:  Shelters - Drop-in - Day Centres, Dispensaries 

b.     HEALTH SERVICES for CURE: Hospital Institution - Free & compulsory hospitalisation  -  Services in Community

c.     HOME and dwelling, housing services  at different level: solidarity apartments - housing first  - community housing

d.     PARTICIPATION and citizenship: re-capacitating  - adequate job - recognized role ;
   between solidarity and social cohesion  


2.   HOW YOUR SERVICE goes to meet homeless  - where they are  -  when they have not access to institutional services and seems to refuse all offer of institutional services? 

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