3rd  EXCHANGE and  INTER-VISION program
concerning interventions & pathways for Homeless
in  extreme  poverty  situation  with  mental  health  problems

COPENHAGEN  27-28-29  October 2016




             Dear  Colleagues                                                                                                                                  20 August 2016



            SMES-Europa have the pleasure to invites you to participate in the third Workshop of project ‘Dignity & Well-being’, which is going to take place in COPENHAGEN on 27-28 -29 October  2016. co-organised with the colleagues of Projekt UDENFOR.

The purpose of  D-&-WB European project is : to bring attention, to deepen listen the voice expressed or not, of these persons, home-less – health-less – hope-less,  living in chronically way without habitation, rough sleeping or in emergency shelters, in scandalous conditions of absolute social exclusion and deprivation.

fundamental questions  which we will try to find some answers:   

  • WHY some homeless people - with mental health problems - rough sleeping in permanent way or in emergency centres and squats - frequently - giving the impression to refuse any institutional offer of assistance and integration ?  
    And this number seems increases, in scandalous way (*).

  • HOW in some innovative & efficient projects  mental health services,  emergency & assistance services, housing services, reintegration services -  co-working -  want to contribute and facilitate the promotion of the dignity and well-being of these suffering people without distinction of origin, sex and age? 

TOGETHER  &  OUTREACHING   will be the keywords that can offer positive answer  to these both questions.


  1. study’s visits - Thursday 27 October : the participants who manage to arrive the 26/X evening or the 27 before 13:00 will have the opportunity to visit in the afternoon some of centres assisting homeless & mentally ill people. 
    As soon, you will find the list of services divided into the four sectors mentioned below.

  2. workshop day - Friday 28 October : based on case studies of individual persons describing their health & mental health status, social situation and interventions made on their behalf by social & health workers.
    The analysis of the life situations of this people, will be shortly introduced by the local responsible of each of these four sectors:   

    • Mental health institutions & community services;

    • Emergency shelters;   

    • Monitored housing;

    • Recovery and inclusive participation.

The results of these workshops will be at the basis of the 14th European seminar in LISBON on 16-17-18 March 2017 , where the participants will prepare the priorities and recommendations to present both to local policy makers and administrators, as to Europeans, through a hearing in the European Parliament

   3. focus group - Saturday 29 October: this additional meeting on the morning will be dedicated to Health & Mental
         Health, Welcome & Fundamental rights of Migrants – Refugees – Asylum Seekers.
         How are we building Europe of Solidarity, Social Policy, Fundamental Rights and without  borders, barriers and walls ?

Deadline for registration : 20 September

Dignity & well-being  and  Fundamental right and Solidarity are the keywords, which were oriented - from 1992 - the social mission and initiatives of SMES Europa.  We count - with your active collaboration -  to continue to perform at best this initiative in favour of people living in situations of extreme social and health conditions. Thank you pour your collaboration.  
For further information, please contact us.



    Luigi Leonori


(*) ST. Mungos article:

CRISIS estimation :   New figures reveal that 3,569 people were found sleeping rough on any given night in England in 2015, an increase of 30% per cent on the previous year


Home-less   -   Health-less   -   Hope-less

When person have lost everything, there is no more that body for cry and street to get lost   


Homeless living in severe & chronic social, physical, psychical precariousness are a symptom of the malaise of our civilization today and a permanent injury of democracy and social cohesion. They are almost a provocation and challenge both for those who are working in this sector and for those who should be responsible of the polis / citizens.

SMES-Europa, following these findings, propose  Dignity & Well-being', as a transnational project promoting exchanges of experience and knowledge in the field of  extreme poverty  and  mental illness / health , in order to promote adequate, effective and coherent  answers, ensuring for each person  dignity and well-being  and promoting and facilitating the access to fundamental right and to basic citizen services.

General object of 'Dignity & Well-being project' is

  • to meet,  listen and  understand deepest, the voice of people who has become voice-less because identity-less,  home-less,  health-less,  hope-less… and excluded.

  • to evaluate the causes & factors of this deprivation and the reasons explain why they seems to prefer life in the street or in a emergency centers, despite more adequate proposal of aid,

  • to identify some innovative practices and coherent projects ;

  • to recommend some priorities in social & health policy.

The Dignity & Well-being workshops, will focus attention on relation and interaction between each individual homeless  and  the interventions made by social & health providers of services as :   

  • Mental health services in Institutions  and  in Community; 

  • Emergency shelters, drop inn centres; dispensaries ....

  • Supported housing; community housing; solidarity apartments... 

  • Outreach team.

The WORKSHOPS initiative of D-&-WB project , will be based on case studies of individual home-less, describing their health and mental health status, social situation and interventions made on their behalf by street workers in order to  facilitate - together and in integrate and sustainable way the access to : 1)  Health/mental health services;  2)  Emergency and social assistance services; 3) Housing services; 4) Participative inclusion services.


SMES warmly invites each participant in workshop to prepare with colleagues of their service at least an individual profile, (a study's case) of a person well known and followed by the service, using this common protocol :
cf. : and sending us for the end of September.

The preparation of these interventions will enrich the inter-vision work of workshop . The results of these workshops will be at the basis of the 14th European seminar, where the participants will prepare the priorities and recommendations to present both to local policy makers and administrators.