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Centro Hospitalar Psiquiátrico de Lisboa   -  
Applicant Organisation

Address : Avenida do Brasil 53,
1749-002 Lisboa, Lisboa, Portugal



CHPL is a public hospital, the major psychiatric hospital in Portugal, resulting from the merger of two psychiatric hospitals, working in the community with five mental health units in the Greater Lisbon area with a wide range of activity mostly with Primary

Care, (prevention, direct referral, training and consultancy), local authorities (community projects with our support), legal issues, day care and rehabilitation.

CHPL headquarters have 6 Inpatient Clinics with programs tailored to different pathologies, one Day Care Unit and an emergency unit located in a big general hospital in Lisbon.

One of the six teams, the General and Transcultural Psychiatric Service (PGT), provides inpatient and outpatient treatment for a wide range of diagnostics and has been developing several activities and programs to address the homeless and refugees needs.

Santé Mentale Exclusion Sociale
SMES-Europa   - 
Applicant Organisation

Legal Form  :  AISBL

Rue Rempart des Moines 78, 1000, Brussels, Belgium   -

SMES-EUROPA is a non-profit International Association (aisbl) operates at the interface, intersection of mental health and social exclusion, improving mental – physical - social well-being, promoting fundamental rights and access to social and health services, to citizenship and participation, to inclusion and solidarity for people living in conditions of extreme poverty and mental illness.

The European Network SMES started in 1992 in Rome as result of the 1st European seminar, focusing attention on the risk of homelessness for mentally ill people without sustainable support and adequate health & social services.





The Society of Social Psychiatry and Mental Health (ETAIRIA KOINONIKIS PSIXIATRIKIS KAI PSIXIKIS YGEIAS) is a non-profit non-governmental scientific organization in Greek, which was founded in 1981 and provides high quality psychiatric and psychological support services, in order to ensure the population's mental health and well-being. The Society undertakes community sensitization activities and promotes the prevention of mental health problems, the early intervention through educational programs, the social inclusion and employment of people with mental health problems, advancing their human rights and equal opportunities through residential houses, day centers and mobile units.







"Projekt UDENFOR" is a non-government foundation which combines active social street work with training and research in relation to homelessness and social marginalization. The organization was established in 1996 by MD Preben Brandt. It was inspired by the fact at that time that the official social security system not always was able to reach every marginalized citizen, who, for one reason or another, has dropped out of the system.

The word UDENFOR means in English OUTSIDE and refers to the fact that this foundation literally works outside, works outside the official public system, and that they deal with a marginalized group of people, who are "outsiders" to society in general. "projekt UDENFOR" is funded by government grants and private funds as well as income generated from consultant-activities, lectures and training.






Fondazione Istituto Andrea Devoto is a non-government foundation established in 1994 by Andrea Devoto, a psychiatrist and psychologist with the aim of pursuing his research and studies of the causes of oppression and social exclusion in history and politics. Today the foundation has the mission to fight the disease generated by the social exclusion in every fields and to work to realize services and facilities ever closer to the needs coming from the excluding situations (for example juvenile delinquency , psychophysical, disabilities , elderly, alcoholics and drug addicts , refugees , emigrants/immigrants and ethnic minorities etc.). The more important targets of the activities of Fondazione Devoto are educators, young people and institutional services through training courses, information, supervision and scientific research.





Caritas of Warsaw is a diocesan Caritas organization established in 2004, an NGO run by the Catholic Church in Poland, offering on its diocesan territory various kinds of assistance to the people in difficult situations. Warsaw Caritas is especially active in assisting the homeless having 3 homeless shelters (inhabited in all by 250 persons), a generally accessible bathroom, and a soup kitchen open for any interested person. It is also working on mental attitudes of its clients assisting in normalizing their legal and life situation, fighting addictions and finding sensible occupation. To this latter end it created a social cooperative and which employs homeless and other socially vulnerable persons in catering, building and cleaning jobs. Warsaw Caritas is regarded as one of the major local NGO players in the field of social assistance, the fact that is corroborated by various contracts with public health authorities and local government.





Parc Sanitari Sant Joan de Déu, is a private non-profit institution and a complex organization with more than 1500 professionals that works in different fields of health and social services: hospital general, mental health services, care addressed to people with intellectual disabilities and also attends geriatric population. This structure can provide comprehensive care quality, promoting a more proactive model of community-based services. The institution is part of the Saint John of God order, which has received 2014 EUROPEAN CITIZEN award, it is given to persons or associations who show an exceptional commitment to promoting mutual understanding, greater integration among citizens, crossborder cooperation or express the values of the Fundamental Rights of the European Union.





The Midlands Simon Community began in 2004 and was established to support individuals, couples and families who are experiencing or who are at risk of homelessness throughout the Midlands Counties of Laois, Longford, Offaly and Westmeath. It delivers services to more than 300 people every year, across a predominately rural area, and seeks to support people to remain in their own homes and avoid eviction or to exit from emergency shelters as quickly as possible and source their own homes. To this end the Midlands Simon Community has adopted a “Housing First” model of service delivery and in 2015 the front line staff became the first service in Europe to be trained directly in the methodologies associated with “Housing First” by Dr Sam Tsemberis.


Applicant Organisations


  1. Centro Hospitalar Psiquiátrico de Lisboa   -   Applicant Organisation

    Address : Avenida do Brasil 53, 1749-002 Lisboa, Lisboa, Portugal


  2. Santé Mentale Exclusion Sociale   SMES-Europa   -   Applicant Organisation


    Address : Rue Rempart des Moines 78, 1000, Brussels, Belgium

  3. Etairia Koinonikis Psixiatrikis kai Psixikis Ygeias   -   Applicant Organisation

    Legal Form :  SOMATEIO

    Address  22, MELETIOU PIGA, 22, 11636, ATHENS, Greece


  4. Projekt UDENFOR   -   Applicant Organisation

    Address : Ravnsborggade 2, 3., 2200, Copenhagen N, Denmark



    Organisation Role Applicant Organisation

    Legal Form FONDAZIONE

    Address : Viale Milton 19, 50129, Firenze, Italy

  6. Caritas Archidiecezji Warszawskiej   -  Organisation Role Applicant


    Address : Krakowskie Przedmiescie 62, 00-322, Warszawa, Poland


  7. PARC SANITARI SANT JOAN DE DEU   -   Organisation Role Applicant Organisation

    Legal Form ASOCIACION

    Address : CALLE DOCTOR ANTONI PUJADES  42, 08830, BARCELONA, Spain 


  8. Midladns Simon Community   -   Organisation Role Applicant Organisation


    Address : ACT, Ball Alley Lane, PO Box 27, Athlone Co Westmeath, Ireland   


SMES-Europa - Secretary   Tel. / fax: (+) 32.2.5385887 -    mob; +32.475634710       -   E-mail: smeseu@smes-europa.org