All persons have the right to the best
avalable mental
health care,
which shall be part of
the health  and social care system.

NU Resolution 46/119,1.1

SMES-EUROPA is a non-profit International Association (aisbl) operates at the interface, intersection of mental health & social exclusion.

The informal European network began
in 1992 in Rome as result of the 1st European seminar on the appalling neglect and abandoned homeless people living in extremely poor health & social conditions.


20 years later what about



A society which does not take care of its
homeless and mentally ill people,
but discriminates against them, is
certainly not the
community we want to build.

The extent of poverty and social
   exclusion in Europe is unacceptable

European Council Lisbon 2200

The true causes of poverty and
   exclusion are far from being eradicated
   in Europe.
European Council of Lisbon  2206

The stigma  and  discrimination,
    related to the mental disease, are

                                                                                                                        Year of Equal  Opportunity  2207




TARGET OF SMES-Europa  :   Men & Women home - less

   mentally ill people without adequate assistance,

   young people at risk of losing viable contact with society,

   people addicted to alcohol and drugs, (ex) prisoners,

   elderly people who have been abandoned,

   refugees & migrants without permission of residence's


   to improve mental, physical and social well-being

  to promote respect of Human RIGHT and to facilitate the access to citizenship rights and social  & health services.

   to promote active inclusion: participation and solidarity for people living in extreme social and health precariousness
     in all European Countries, especially for homeless  and  mentally ill people.


   Information and heightening of awareness for all civic society

   Networking : improving opportunities of working together

   Education and training: permanent &  continuum, promoting exchanges

   Lobbying and advocacy


     SMES-EUROPA  :   /   +32.2.5385887