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Home less  and  home First

Priorities   Recommended

by XIII European  SMES Conference 

ROME  6-7-8  March 2013


  • person Centrality : first of all the person taken into holistic way, listen and respond to person rather than respond to the needs

  • To have housing  is not sufficient : to live their own home should go hand in hand.

  • RIGHT – JUSTICE – FREEDOM : charitable assistance, emergency interventions plan, are the most useful aptitude and action for homeless people. To provide home is not one charitable gesture, it is one act of justice, an act of protection of a fundamental human right, the right to dignity and of a decent life. (Nelson Mandela)

  • LOOKING FOR EXTREME POVERTY  and health precariousness: this people abandoned in the street in severe and chronical precariousness conditions are permanent recall and denounce of structural failures of our society and of our democratie.

  • Rationalization of services - especially in this time of crisis - should not mean economy in health and social services at the expense of the most vulnerable, but precisely for them should be intensified prevention responses and accompaniment.

  • PREVENTION : primary and secondary is so important in order to have not lost time, energie, budget if sustenable projects and initiatives at moment of dismissions of hospitals or shelter (so prepared !), or before a house eviction.

  • CO-WORKING at all level (public and private, health and social) and in pluridisciplinary way is  the garantie of success in all initiatives and projects in favour of  homeless people in permanent way on the street, because lack of housing and of access to services is the more visible need, but  only the holistic and net-working answer, have more probability to be efficient  in front of responses that we consider rejection, refusal of services by homeless

  • permanent temptation of public authorities to remove subtly (raising the benches,  making it difficult to access ...) and/or forced way (with the patrols of so-called social assistence services ...) this obscene view from squares, from the gardens,  from places of high people concentration with with the excuse that disturb bystanders and businesses and the estetic of city centre.

  • TO HAVE A SPECIAL ATTENTION TO workers in this field  by organizing authority and the responsibles of services, especial with training and more adapted working conditions.

  • TO PROMOTE EXCHANGES  for mutual learning and for realise synergies in lobbying and advocay :  share knowledge of the outcomes, hurdles and solutions which are  derived from daily experience; assess innovative projects;

  • TO RESTORE HOPE : sustain hope with a realistic optimism; we really can innovate and change step after step.

Among  fatalism & utopia, do we yet believe on a possible challenge?


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