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SMES-Europe invites you to renew your membership or to become institutional and /or individual member, for support the initiatives correspondents to her social mission, for the homeless people with health/mental health problems, in very precariousness condition.   Your Membership is a very important support  in sharing and participating - as network -  in  promotion of SMES action & initiatives. (cf.  - )


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A.  MEMBERSHIP    YEAR  2017     (Please mark category X)


30   € 



 Sponsorship ( at  less the amount of)

500 € 


B EXPRESSION of INTEREST   in one of these fields
     concerning SMES Action Plan  2017


 1.  Assistance


  2. Health & Mental Health


 3.  Housing


 4. Rehabilitation




                    please mark with X your interest  

a)   PROFILES 2017: to participate in redaction of profiles of
      homeless people, with complex social & health/mental
      health problems, living permanently in streets/shelters,
      with a special attention for undocumented migrants.


b)   NET-Working  and  OUTREACH:  specific attention  to
      emergency services ( shelters - drop-in  and similar ...) ,
HOW  assistance  / health &  mental health / housing  /
      rehabilitation  SERVICES  
co-working & outreaching ?


c)   MIGRATION focus group,  concerned by European
      homeless and undocumented migrants (asylum seekers,


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