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 Erasmus+  project : 'PERSON FIRST'
3rd  Study-Visits  and  Exchanges
in Helsinki 
14 - 15 - 26 - 17 June

No Fixed


  PREPARE 3rd Study-Visits  3rd WEBINAR HOME - HOUSING / 4 Sept   3rd  HOME - HOUSING  art. & ref.           

Home ....      -     Housing  .....      -   Shelter .....

.......  .............  .............           


  • HOUSING  RIGHT  and  social  services :   Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services, and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control.   Universal Declaration of Human Rights  Art. 25

  • 700.000  Homeless in  Europa  (2022 Feantsa  - FAP)   but this number of invisible or so  much visible homeless ... is destined to grow.

    The slogan today (as every 10  years...) repeating "end of homelessness in the next 10 years" 2030!.
    but who ever launches these slogans knows very well that it is not possible to realise a minimum  progress in this fight against homelessness and poverty if don't take remedial action planning a real  political and economic - social - cultural investment.

    Today  the social  phenomenon of  homelessness are a symptomatic expression of a deepest and  complex malaise of the society and the structure that is given. In the past century and before , the homeless were considered poor wretches than individually consequence of their individual problems and for this discharged to the care of assistance organizations.

    According to the collective 'Les Morts de la rue' : in 2021 at least 706 people died on the street in France ", (and this is non-exhaustive number) ....  and sure this number  have grown by far in recent years ..
    How many in 27 European Countries dead yeach year?... what  about  prevention?...   about investment  and  accessibility ?....
    How  many  of  these invisible or so all too visible ....  are the  victims of poverty  and  illness?... of injustice?... of stigmatization?...  shamefully visible for our wellbeing society?...



  P R O G R A M

 Erasmus + Person First


  • PLAN OF THE STUDY VISIT, HELSINKI        14.-17.6.2023

  • We will have our team of experts by experience with us for the 3 days


         DAY 1          WEDNESDAY  14   June


from 18:00
to      19:30


Arrival : meeting at the hotel conference room/ or No fixed abode premises.

Practical information on the days to come.


No Fixed Abode Peer support and volunteering center Vepa:

  • Welcome and introduction general info

  • Briefing  of  Agenda  by  Partner  'No Fixed Abode' Coordinator     

  • Q & A

           DAY  2          THUESDAY   15  June


Sanna and Tiina will pick all from the hotel Sokos Hotel Tripla

    09:00 -11:00

Two optional visits; Participants can choose from two options




Hietaniemi service center for the homeless. Run by City of Helsinki.












Move to No Fixed Abodes Vartiosaari Island / 20 minutes from the centre

Crossing the mainland and island 5 minutes way by boat.

Lunch in Vartiosaari offered by No Fixed Abode
The information from dietary options needed!

  • No Fixed abode presents their work in Vartiosaari.
    Vartiosaari house is No Fixed Abodes summer place for the homeless. Its about a 15min boat ride away from main land. Its a place for the homeless run by peers and homeless themselves. No alcohol or other intoxicant allowed.

  • Reflections of the day


  • Crossing by boat to the mainland and bus to the city

  • Sauna for people who wants to stay in Sauna

  • And taking people back to mainland to busstop after in the evening


       DAY 3              FRIDAY   16 June


Seminar in the former mental hospital Lapinlahti

In the seminar there are presentations and participants from the theme Home -Housing support etc.. at least (changes possible)


1. The Finnish Foundation for Supporting Ex-offenders: housing and supporting ex-offenders

2.  Pro-tukipiste: promoting the wellbeing, health and safety of people selling sexual and erotic  services
      and  their right to equal treatment

3. The housing Finance and Development Centre for Finland-

4.  Blue Ribbon foundation- Home for All




Soup lunch in Lapinlahti


Participants can choose from two options :




           2a. Ruusulankatu housing first -unit. The Blue Ribbon Foundation


2b. Liisankoti, supported housing unit for women   


Joint Dinner

Soup lunch in Lapinlahti


for people who want to but - registration and dietary options needed before!
at the special place in Helsinki by the sea. 
Dinner and drinks with food offered by No fixed abode
( other drinks on own behalf)

      DAY  4               SATURDAY   17  June


Meeting at the No Fixed Abode premises - reflect and review, practical issues

Visit to temporary housing unit Tupa if we have time or interest

THE END of the Visit!! 


Check-out and departure



H O M E      and     H O U S I N G  

Proposed  Topic  for   Study  Visits

Helsinki: 14 - 15 - 16 - 17 June 2023



Recommendations for the best exchanges :

 Listen carefully : for this reason we urge to start the exchange not at the entrance but comfortably in a room after having introduced yourself.

 The correlation and collaboration  with other areas (pillars)
 it's  very important  :

    1. Social Assistance,   

    2. Health and  Mental Health

    3. Home Housing   

    4. Empowerment and  participation, is  very  important  

 Write down the  main elements of the exchange, which will be repeated at the mini-seminar and webinar