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Everyone has a right to the best

available mental health services within

the health & social welfare systems.

UN Resolution 46/119,1.1,


SMES-EUROPA is an European Network constituted as an International non-profit Association.  (AISBL Belgian law 1919).
The  European SMES project began in 1992 in Rome as a result of the first European seminar on the appalling neglect and abandonment homeless people living in extremely poor health & social conditions.

The exclusion  is a structural phenomenon of society and constitutes a political challenge for all the Europe.
Loneliness, sickness, mental illness, drug abuse and/or alcoholism, may be the cause or the results of this state of alienation and exclusion from society, which in some cases may be irreversible and which could eventually lead to a complete break with society.

The AIM specific and distinguishing SMES-EUROPA objet is the reflection and action at the intersection of social exclusion (inclusion) within mental health (illness), the interaction between exclusion & mental health.
The main point of interest uniting the workers of this sector is the interface between the social & health field.



The extent of poverty and

social exclusion in Europe

is unacceptable !

European Council Lisbon 2000


The problem of the "excluded & mentally suffering people", abandoned on the streets, living in reception centres and in precarious housing conditions, is only the visible tip of a societal phenomenon which is more serious and widespread than it appeared to be at first.

TARGET  :   Women - Men  'home'-less
mentally ill without assistance
young people at risk of losing viable society's  contact
children exploited and abused
addicted people to substances
(ex) prisoners
elderly people abandoned
immigrants in illegal situation.

The problem, despite national differences, is European and, for this reason must be placed at the centre of an urgent call for awareness and deeper consideration particularly with respect to the development of a new political European program..
The building of Europe must take place within a framework of an Europe of Citizenship & Solidarity.



star.gif (166 octets)  SMES-EUROPA  ASSOCIATION  

a.i.s.b.l   :      Non Profit International Association,

                        Moniteur Belge :  2002-01-15 N. 000620   Numéro de l'association : 6202002
                        No TVA ou no entreprise :  
476429158 -   "Arretée Royale"  10 August 2001

                        Legal address:  Rue du Progrès 323, 1030 Schaerbeek

 SECRETARY:     Pl. A. Leemans 3 - B-1050 Brussels Tel./fax: +32.2.5385887 /+32.475634710 
                            E-mail :

 ACCOUNT:      001.3629563.93,   IBAN: BE98001362956393,  SWIFT: GEBABEBB,     
                            BANK :  BNP PARIBAS FORTIS,  Ag. B
ascule  Avenue Molière 516, 1050 BXL

star.gif (166 octets)  START  of   SMES  ASSOCIATION 

STARTING of the Project & Network : Rome Dec. 1992  1st Seminar     cf.   1° ROME 1992 

STARTING of Association A.I.S.B.L. :  10 August 2001 - A.R. : 7/CDLF/14.638/S – 10/08/01

PROMOTOR of the project and network :      Luigi LEONORI

star.gif (166 octets)  TRANSPARENCY REGISTER   of   SMES  ASSOCIATION 

Register  number  Santé Mentale Exclusion Sociale REG number in the Transparency Register is :  REG 991151392172-48 

Contact Persons  :   -   -

star.gif (166 octets)  MEMBERS of SMES BORD  2024

Leonori Luigi          



Czarnocki Andrew  Social Worker


Caritas Warsaw


O'Riordan  Tony
Social Worker



 Ryckman Pierre
 Medical Doctor


Infirmiers De Rue


Barreto Elias


Centro Hospitalar Psychiatrico Lisboa

 Lascialfari Jacopo
Project Coord


Fondazione  Andrea Devoto

 Frangouli Athena


SSPMH Society of Social
 Psychiatry & Mental health

 Raimondi Silvia



 Soto Victor  Malet


Parc Sanitari Sant Joan de Deu Barcelona